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Infinite-point Perspective Exploration

Pen and pencil on bond paper  1995

I have always beed fascinated by the shape of space. If I were a physicist or mathematician I would use formulas and equations to try and describe its form but as a visual explorer a hand drawn scroll has been a good method. Perspective is infinite. Vanishing points are as numerous as all the molecules in the universe. Stand anywhere and imagine they surround you ad infinitum, look in any direction and branching out toward infinity are vanishing points. Construction lines are curved and connect the endless points. The objects we see exist in this space. Straight lines and hard corners are an illusion and in fact are curved. Look down a wall, turn and look straight at it, and turn again looking down the other way, now draw that whole sequence in your mind and its a curved shape. Now combine this with a branching fractal tree construction, looking down the biggest trunk, it is the closest vanishing point, and branches fork apart as the space recedes into the distance. Now build architecture and objects following this formula, that’s how I see.

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