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The thrill of creativity is visceral. The moment a new idea is put into form gives me a rush of adrenaline someone else might get from bungee jumping or driving a race car. As a child I remember feeling this when I would draw or build things from my imagination. A life dedicated to the art of invention is the one I have followed ever since. Inspiration from nature, my friends and family, history, human culture and the universe are all sources I draw from. A repetitive daily ritual and dedication to craft allows me to push boundaries in desperate media and complete complex artistic ideas in rapid succession, jumping between wildly different media and concept quickly.


My journey has been a struggle and one full of bounty. The desire to not compromise the purity of my designs alienated some and limited career opportunities. But this unwavering dedication also opened doors and has left me at mid-career feeling as inspired as I did while attending Art Center as a young man.


Over my career I have lived through the great analogue to digital media transformation. This was initially a setback when I had to learn a whole new way of working right after beginning to master the old ways. But over time it has become an asset, as I have a greater well to draw from both generations.


My career has been as diverse as my artistic path. I have been fortunate to work on numerous feature films and TV shows with my talented friends, designed large scale futuristic architectural projects, built my own concept car, wrote the first book on digital painting from life, gave a TEDx talk on the future of painting among many other things. I have also taught creativity and originality in design at Art Center and done numerous workshops tutorials on the same subject.


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